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Your Digital Fishing Guide

  • Madison, WI - Mobile
  • On track to hit $600k in 2015 revenue
  • Relationships with Walmart, Geico, Rapala
  • Surpassed 350,000 users (75% active)

due diligence completed

$100,000 Raised of $250,000
5 days left

Music that adapts to the body in real-time

  • San Diego, CA - Services (B2C)
  • $9 customer acquisition with a $78 LTV
  • Featured on the Today Show twice
  • 1.6M Registered Users

due diligence completed

$260,000 Raised of $1,000,000
17 days left

Customized fashion for women with personality

  • New York, NY - Fashion
  • Grown 6-7x YOY in online sales
  • Co-Founders from Harvard
  • Clients include big name celebrities

due diligence completed

$435,000 Raised of $700,000
38 days left

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Successfully funded


Private investigators on demand

Washington, DC - Services (B2C)

127% Raised

The one-stop-shop technology for real estate professionals.

San Francisco, CA - B2B

100% Raised

Where the best teams get funded!

New York, NY - Finance

105% Raised

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